Sydney Life :)

Hey guys! I have finally figured out how to put pictures on here! Turns out each one has to be its own post, so I’ll be posting like 50 times tonight. Oh well. 

Where to begin? The last couple weeks have been jam-packed. The opera house was beautiful, but a little anticlimactic, honestly. You know, you hear about these famous, amazing landmarks and you go to see them, and you’re thinking, wow it looks just like the pictures! …that I’ve seen a zillion times. But hey, now I have my own pictures! And I’m in them! The Harbor Bridge was fairly impressive. At the shops near there, they sell things like kangaroo scrotums, kangaroo paws, essence of kangaroo (which are kangaroo meat pills) and sheep placenta (also pills). Novelties? Lets hope so. They also have some incredible Aboriginal art, which would be the most amazing souvenir. Maybe I’ll buy all of you hand-painted boomerangs…

The rest of last week was spent exploring and not going to the campus events haha. We did go to the big fair with all the club tents, which was fun. True to form, I think the Quidditch club looks like the most fun! The surfing club would be pretty great too. The system is a little different here though-tuition is lower, but you have to pay for everything, including joining clubs, an Access card, which basically gets you discounts, and using campus facilities. So that part sucks, but the campus is gorgeous. There are huge birds-who sound like children screaming-and massive bats and palm trees all over the place, but I haven’t seen any snakes or spiders! (Knock on wood. Seriously. Do it.)

We have been to the beach a few times, and it is spectacular. I have never been so battered by waves in my life. It’s great! I am planning on surfing very soon 🙂 Yesterday we went to Manly Beach, which was also very nice. It is a half hour from Sydney by ferry, which gave us awesome views of the opera house and the bridge. 

One of my favorite days was when we went to Chinatown and Darling Harbour, which is way more awesome than I thought it was going to be. Magnificent ships, the coolest playground I’ve ever seen (after Treasure Island of course), tons of awesome dining-including Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville-fountains, etc. 

The end of last week and the weekend were taken up by near-constant rain, but we survived! Mainly by getting hooked on Tim-Tams, an Australian drama called Secrets and Lies, and So You Think You Can Dance-Australia. Oh right, and there was also Mardi Gras. Sydney hosts a parade and party, which is the biggest LGBTQ event in the Southern Hemisphere. It was amazing! The parade was an endless…well, parade, of glitter, Speedos, feathers, love, beads, and acceptance. The whole city pretty much shut down to celebrate. 

Classes started this past week, and they seem fairly normal. The format in Australia is generally 2 hours of lecture per week, with a one hour tutorial at another point in the week to discuss the lecture and the assigned reading. I am taking Defining the Celts, Aboriginal Australia: Cultural Journeys, Culture and the Unconscious, and Gender: Anthropological Studies. 

All in all, it’s been a whirlwind. Tomorrow we are going to find the farmers market, because food is insanely expensive and supposedly they have reasonably priced fresh fruits and veggies there. Supposedly. We’ll see! Love to everyone at home!


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